Trump Brings His ‘Political Prisoner’ Narrative to UFC Fight Following Conviction

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Self-proclaimed “political prisoner” Donald Trump showed up to a UFC fight in New Jersey on Saturday night, just two days after he became a convicted felon following his hush-money trial in New York.

The former president walked in with UFC President Dana White, looking a bit more downcast than in his previous UFC appearances. The event seemed to lift Trump’s spirits, with the crowd cheering for him. Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, claims his “civil rights” were “totally violated” when he was found guilty on Thursday of falsifying business records to pay off a porn star.

“Donald Trump is in the building, and the former president is getting a standing ovation from the crowd,” the announcer said, noting the “staggering” applause shown on the jumbotron. The crowd also chanted, “We want Trump” at one point.

Trump was seen shaking hands with the crowd as he made his way to his seat, except for New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers, who ignored him and stayed seated.

Earlier, Trump shared a smiling selfie with UFC light heavyweight Alex Pereira. His appearance came shortly after he posted on Truth Social saying he was “going to UFC tonight!!!”

White has previously spoken about his longtime friendship with Trump, telling The Pat McAfee Show back in February: “I’ve been friends with this guy for 20 years, and when he shows up to the fights… The guy is a fight fan. He’s been a fight fan.”

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